My Journey to WEKAF 2018

So today I received my official letter confirming my selection into the Australian team for the WEKAF World Titles to be held in Maui, Hawaii July 18th-23rd 2018. I will be competing in both Single Stick & Double Stick divisions and so say that I am excited would be an understatement. Receiving this letter via email today suddenly makes this all so much more real.

Paddy WEKAF2017 was a great year. I won Silver at the WEKAF Australian Nationals, met some amazing Martial Artists who will become lifelong friends, achieved Green Belt, 2nd Class Senior in Sikaran and made selection for the Australian Team. I was pretty stoked to get some great grades at school also. 2018 will be an even better year as I focus on the road ahead in preparation for competition. My two main goals for 2018 are winning gold at WEKAF & achieving my Brown Belt.

What representing Australia means to me

To be selected to attend the WEKAF World Titles is something bigger than just yourself and your sport. You are a part of the Australian Team and that is just something that only happens every two years and you get to be a part of it! It is a pretty incredible thing to be a part of I believe.

To me it is an absolute honour to be able to represent my country in what it is that I do. It means that I am actually not to bad at what I love. And then to compete on the world stage to try and win a medal; well that is just a huge honour and I am proud to be a member of Team Australia.

The last thing I thought of would be representing Australia for anything really and this opportunity is really humbling for me. To be able to represent Australia is a real pinnacle in sporting achievements for me. This is such a great opportunity at my age to represent my Dojo and my country at the WEKAF World Titles.

What Next?

Training, training, training!

I have had a bit of a break over the school holidays, but this week has see a return to regular training every day. Mornings is cardio & strength and afternoons is stick work, karate and boxing.

Next week the WEKAF team from Sikaran Martial Arts Mount will commence pre-tournament training and that means I will be either at the Dojo or running up hills at 05:30am and then back in the Dojo in the afternoons for another session. That is 3 hours a day and I still need to maintain school in between training.

I guess all in all, it’s all the hard work that you put in and sacrifices you make that all come back to you in the end. Keeping focused on the end game, maintaining a positive attitude, taking responsibility for my own performance and being proud to have been chosen to represent my country will continue to drive me to not settle for anything less than gold.

I am a warrior.

Some of my training tools

(above: If you are looking for good quality FMA gear in Australia try Tans Martial Arts Supplier. If they don’t have it they will do their best to get it. My wooden daggers, some of my sticks, nunchaku and kampican sword were all purchased from them. My Stix Arnis helmet is from Eljan Sports in the Philippines where I also buy some of my sticks, shorts & t-shirts)



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